Cue Bald Eagle

Last weekend I was whisked away on a press trip to Tides Inn in Irvington, Virginia, located just inside the Chesapeake Bay. A handful of writers and myself were treated to all the Northern Neck had to offer, including oysters, Virginia wine, yummy food, a boat trip, bicycles, and maybe even a spa treatment. I haven’t yet developed my story from the weekend, but I will be singing some high praise, as it was a beautiful retreat. Here are a few images. And, yes, that’s a bona fide bald eagle. One point for America.


Pre-Civil War Home on the Rappahannock River. You can still find holes in the wall where cannons blasted through.


Birds. Just doin’ their thang.


Rappahannock River Oyster Farm



Oysters as big as my head! (…if I had the head the size of a toddler. Still, that’s pretty big)




And then we saw a bald eagle


Small putting competition for the writers. I did NOT win, which is a joke since golfing is like second nature to me (har har)



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